Finchampstead Memorial Park

The Village, Finchampstead, Berkshire. RG40 4JU

The Memorial Park and the Memorial Hall belong to

the Parishioners of Finchampstead


In 1946 the parishioners of Finchampstead raised funds to purchase this field in

honour of the villagers who fought in the World Wars, hence Finchampstead Memorial Park.


This idea was the inspiration of Dr. Billing the sole GP for the village at that time & a much respected member of the community.


The Memorial Hall was constructed in 1960 &, like the Park, placed in the hands of a charitable trust – the Custodian Trustees being the Parish Council but with the

management of the facilities undertaken by the Finchampstead Park Management Committee (FPMC) which consists of parishioners and representatives from local organisations.


In 1964 the Finchampstead Sports Club was founded & the Club buildings were leased to the the Club. They are solely responsible for the maintenance & upkeep of the Park.


The Park Committee and the Sports Club are entirely self-supporting and

receive no regular income from the Borough or the Parish Council.